Supply and fit or supply only service for curtain tracks and all types of window blinds

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A comprehensive service for the domestic or trade customer.

We offer a supply and fit or fit only or supply only service for domestic or trade customers. In addition we can also hang and dress curtains to make them look their best.

Whether your curtains come from an interior designer or a department store or a second hand shop for that matter, we can hang, dress and steam them to remove any creasing and make them look their best.

Most people don’t think much about a curtain track until it stops working. But whilst a new track is a sound investment for new curtains it can be annoying when the cord breaks in an otherwise mechanically sound track. That’s why we offer a re-cording service for most makes of curtain track currently available and also for a few discontinued ones.

Leicester is fairly unique in having had several manufacturers of corded wooden boards in the past. Whilst the majority if these companies are no longer around, their products keep soldiering on. That is until something breaks like the leading runner or the cord snaps. We can re-cord and repair these tracks for much less than a new replacement and will continue to do so as long as new or second hand parts are available.

So if your board has any of this type of runner, chances are we can repair it.

Our services include

  • Curtain tracks – steel or aluminium – corded and hand drawn for bay or straight windows
  • Curtain poles – metal or wood
  • Electrically operated tracks and blinds with remote / timer / sun sensor etc
  • Measuring
  • Hanging and dressing
  • Steaming
  • Re-cording and refurbishment of old tracks (providing parts are available)