Bay Window Tracks

We offer several types of tracking suitable for bay windows in either aluminium or steel. We do not offer plastic track as an option except for the lightest weight voile as we believe aluminium or steel offer the best in terms of strength and longevity.

Please contact us to discuss options and find out more.

Silent Gliss 1080W

  • Discreet hand drawn track
  • Bends into the tightest radius for bay windows
  • Reverse bends possible
  • Wall or ceiling mounted

Silent Gliss 3000W

  • Discreet cord operated track
  • Medium to heavy curtains
  • Bends to tight radius for bay windows
  • Reverse bends and retains smooth operation

Silent Gliss 3900W

  • Heavier duty stable mate to the 3000W
  • Suitable for heavy curtains
  • Suitable for bay windows
  • Reverse bends

Silent Gliss 3840W

  • Available corded or uncorded
  • Ideal for ceiling fitting
  • Suitable for bay windows
  • Reverse bends
  • Suitable for Wave style heading

Integra Regular

  • Ideal for ceiling mounting
  • Available corded or uncorded
  • Smooth operation
  • Suitable for bay windows
  • Internal bends only

Silent Gliss Metropole

  • Convenience of a track with the looks of a pole
  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Straight or bay windows
  • Internal and reverse bends
  • Three diameters
  • Wave heading

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